The Lease

This lease is written in plain english. The goal here is to just have a simple agreement so we understand structural things about the house. Lots of things about how the house runs on a day-to-day basis aren’t here. Those are primarily handled w/ house meetings.

Generally, you agree to pay money to live in this house. Rent is due on the first of each month. If your rent is paid after the 5th, it’s considered late. Late rent doesn’t come with a fee, but makes my life harder. If your rent is late often or you don’t pay it, I’ll ask you to move out. This agreement doesn’t cover people who aren’t signed below, so if you want someone to move in with you, they’ll also need a rental agreement, assuming the house is on-board with them joining us.

You’ll pay a security deposit equal to your first month’s rent. It will cover damage to the house that you caused. This won’t be used to cover the last month’s rent. I’ll reimburse you for the difference within 30 days of move out. If you cause damage that’s more than one month’s rent payment, you agree to pay for it. You agree to tell me about (via writing or text) any problems with the room within 30 days of move in. We’ll use that as a the checklist when you move out. When you move out, you agree to take all of your things with you. Things left behind will be ‘abandoned property’ and I will either keep or dispose of them. Disposal comes out of the security deposit.

You’re welcome to paint the room in a color that I approve of, or you can choose your own color, but you’ll need to re-paint it when you leave.

You agree to pay your equal share of utilities and food spending. The scope of food spending isn’t specified in this document, but will be discussed as a larger house. Food and utilities will be split per adult in the house. You’re expected to settle up monthly.

This agreement is a month-to-month arrangement. Either of us can cancel it with at least 30 days notice. I won’t go into your room without reasonable notice, unless it’s an emergency (like a burst pipe, etc).

On a behavior perspective, you agree to not smoke in the house. You won’t bring guns into the house. No mammalian pets in the house, but we can talk about lizards or similar. No waterbeds. You agree that you won’t cause others in the house to feel unsafe. If others in the house fear for their safety, I’ll ask you to leave. This agreement automatically ends if anyone finds you’re violating state or federal laws.

If you have needs for repair, tell me about them (ideally within 48 hours). I’ll fix any “major repair” things like problems related to heating, electrical, plumbing, roof, or windows. Also anything else that’s legally required that I didn’t specify. For non-necessary repairs, we can have a discussion about it.

I encourage you to get renters insurance, which will cover your personal belongings in the case of a disaster or theft. These won’t be covered by me.